a chat with the ‘ross’ company

June 21, 2016 at the Chichester Festival Theatre

Following the fantastic performance of Ross we attended on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, author Kate Mosse hosted a Q&A with several members of the cast. The company was represented by Joseph Fiennes, Peter Polycarpou, Nicholas Prasad, Navinder Bhatti, Brendan Hooper, Ian Drysdale, Peter Sandys-Clarke, and Eben Figueiredo. The discussion delved into topics from T.E. Lawrence and Terence Rattigan to rehearsal processes and artistic decisions. It was a pure delight to be in attendance and hear from such a talented group of performers.

We are pleased to provide an audio recording of the post show Q&A, all 47 minutes of it, set to images from the production, rehearsals, and more. Photos featured with the recording by Johan Persson, Tristram Kenton, and, yes, some by us, jfiennesfans!